Redline 4 Stroke Kart Oil

Redline 4 stroke Kart Engine Oil & Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle Gokart Oil
Blast Karting offer Redline synthetic 4 cycle Kart oil in a convenient 1 gallon container. Redline 4 stroke go kart oil is a 5w20 multi grade oil compatible with both petrol & alcohol fuels, tests have shown that redline oil dramatically reduces friction & engine wear especially when used in high temperature air cooled engines. Briggs & Stratton Motorsports have tested the oil here in Australia & highly recommend the redline 4 stroke kart oil in both Animal & World Formula racing engines.
Reasons to use Redline synthetic 4 stroke kart oil
Red Line synthetic oil reduces wear so as to extend component life
Redline oil out performs other 4 stroke oils by reducing engine wear
Redline synthetic oil can reduce engine temperatures by 10-30°C.
Red Line is a 100% man made synthetic which contains no impurities.
Redline Oil can assist in removing contaminates from your engine
Red Line oils are compatible with gaskets & rubber seals which were designed for use with mineral oils.
Redline oils lower temperatures and less impurities allows longer seal & gasket life.
Red Line oil does not require any extra additives
Redline oil has a longer engine run time than mineral oils & other sinthetic oils
Why does Red Line oil cost more?
Cheaper synthetics are made from cheaper Ingredients which give lesser results & are cheaper to produce
some so called synthetic oils are made from a blend of a synthetic base & processed mineral oils & are also even cheaper to produce.
Red Line is recognised as using the number #1 synthetic grade base to create there oil, Lesser quality synthetics give lesser results, lesser engine component protection & performance
It comes down to you get what you pay for, the only way that a product can be sold cheaper is to reduce the size, leave some part out, or use cheaper raw materials.
Redline oil has been tested to reduce friction & increase horse power over other oils
Please Not Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines Require The Correct Volume and Type of Oil,
They should not be run with standard automotive engine oil or oil designed for commercial and industrial engines,
They Are A RACING ENGINE that has a splash fed oiling system and the engine is air cooled. If you use a straight 30, 10w30, 10w 40 mineral oil that is designed for non racing engines your engine has a 95% chance of failing