Performance Parts

Blast Karting Australia offer High Performance upgrade parts for Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke Engines
We offer performance go kart engine parts for Briggs & Stratton, Animal, World Formula, Raptor & 5HP briggs side valve go kart engines engine. Go kart centrifical clutches in 35 pitch & 219 pitch, AussieSpeed Animal intake manifolds, Finned Valve covers for briggs & stratton Animal & World Formula go kart racing motors, Finned strong aluminum clutch covers & many other Quality performance 4 stroke after market go kart engine parts for Racing go karts, off road go kart type buggys, racing bar stools & racing lawn mowers.
The Animal engine above has had the full treatment, It uses Aussiespeed AS0206 Intake manifold, blue printed walbro carburettor, HPC coated exhaust header, ported cylinder head, billet conrod & cast aluminum rocker cover, fuel pump cover & engine top plate. This package not only looks great but performs very well also.
Another angle of the dressed up Briggs & Stratton Animal.
Briggs & Stratton gokart engine fuel pump.
Animal pictured with AussieSpeed finned alloy fuel pump cover. the cover not only looks good but offers protection to the fuel pump.
For Animal or World Formula Briggs & Stratton racing engines wanting the smooth look Aussiespeed now have a plain non finned fuel pump dust cover
Blast Karting Stock NORAM gokart clutches