Noram Premier Clutches

Noram Premier Centrifugal Performance Go Kart & Small Engine Clutch Information and Specifications
Blast Karting are stockists of Noram 4 stroke Go kart clutches to suit Briggs & Stratton junior 206, LO206 or Local 206,Briggs & Stratton Animal & Briggs & Stratton World Formula, Briggs & Stratton Fun Power & Raptor flat head engines. When selecting a centrifugal clutch for your go kart just because the clutch fits the crankshaft of your engine it may not be the correct clutch for the job.There are important things to consider when buying or selecting a clutch,

With the correct Noram clutch & the correct rear sprocket you will feel the power of your World Formula or Briggs & Stratton Animal, the torque from these engines when coming out of a corner & the acceleration when you are heading down the straight is a real buzz.
below are some tips & guidelines to help dial in your Noram clutch to suit your engine, track & driving style.


Pictured above are 3 Noram clutches that we stock. The centrifugal clutch on the left with the gold colored drum is from the Noram GE range. The Noram GE clutch is available with a 15 tooth 219 pitch driver.The clutch in the middle is a noram stinger 009. The stinger is the clutch supplied to suit the Briggs & Stratton Animal. The Premier Performance Stinger Go Kart clutch can be used as both an inboard or outboard drive, the drive sprocket can be replaced to increase or decrease size down to a 15 tooth 219 pitch drive gear.

The 3 go kart clutches pictured above is of the back of the clutches. from left to right are.
Noram GE, Stinger & World Formula Titan