Off Road Tyres

Duro Off Road Dirt Racing Go Kart Tyres
Duro go kart tyres are a hard compound tyre that are a cheaper, hard compound dirt racing or off road fun kart tyre that dont run on a wet track. The available sizes are limited to 12×9-6 rear & 8×5.5×6 for the front. The tyres will fit with a slight bulge on an 8 inch rear rim & when used on an 8″ rim make the tyre height 40mm taller than most racing tyres around the same size.
The Duro rear 9″ tyres are a hard compound that will last longer when used on a non prepared race track. The are not as sticky as a purpose designed clay track race tyre. These are a great tyre for fun, leisure & paddock Go Karts
Rear Go-kart 9″ wide tyres are a hard wearing rear grooved tire, that offer good wear compared to soft compound go kart racing tyres
Duro go kart are a hard compound front tyres that are hard wearing compared to racing type go kart tires. These tyre are great for dry tracks & fun go carts that require additional ground clearance. Blast Karting can supply these as a set that includes 4 go kart wheels & 4 go kart tyres