Starting A New Engine

Here are a few tips regarding Briggs & Stratton Motorsport 4 stroke racing engines. You may find the information helpful or you may not agree with the info, but we have found that some of the simple things can help to keep your go cart engine & equipment in tip top condition giving many years of trouble free fun.

You should never mix different brands of engine oil.

It is Recommend that Redline RL157 4 Stroke Karting oil be used In all Briggs & Stratton Racing gokart engines.

Never use engine oil additives like Teflon based engine treatments as they are designed for mostly water cooled engines with oil pumps.

Never use synthetic oils designed to be used in water cooled 4 stroke motor bikes or jet skies.

always be responsible when disposing of used engine oil.

Briggs and Stratton Racing Engines require 600ml of Redline RL157 4 Cycle Kart oil per oil change

Blast Karting are stockists of the 4 stroke Red line go kart oil & can ship Australia wide. You can purchase it from our online gokart shop.

New Engine Run in procedures

When it comes to the first time fire up of a new Briggs & Stratton racing engine there is no special procedure to follow during the break-in period. There are a few very important things that you should follow & understand. The Briggs and Stratton side valve, Raptor, Briggs & Stratton Animal, Local 206, Junior 206 & Briggs & Stratton World Formula engines are air cooled engines & use a splash feed oiling system. With newer technologie on engine components like pistons, ring, bearings, con rods, crankshafts & new technologies used in engine machining processes and modern synthetic oils long run in times are a thing of the past.

A bit of care full preparation can make the experience of starting your new Briggs & Stratton racing engine fun as that is the reason most of us get involved with these little rocket ships. once every thing is fitted up have a quick check to see every thing is intact with nothing loose & all nuts & bolts tight it is a good idea to get the fuel line from the tank to the intake side of the fuel pump so you are not winding the engine over 2 many times before it gets fuel to the carb to get your new Go kart racing engine to fire. Remember the Briggs Intek racing engines fitted with the Walbro PZ22 & PZ28 have chokes & should be used for cold fire ups.

Briggs Racing Engine Stage One Run in procedure

Fill new engine with Redline RL157 4 stroke karting oil. Run for 10 minutes with no load at around 2000 RPM, Try not to let the engine idle as it is important with a splash feed engine keeping the revs up above idle will get the oil slinging & splashing over the moving parts, cylinder walls & valve train area. Run Your Briggs & Stratton Racing Engine for 10 minutes, If you need to make any adjustments switch the engine off do what needs to be done have a quick look at the oil level through the filler plug the restart & continue the first break in period. After this first stage let the engine sit for 5 minutes for the oil to return from the top end of the engine then while the engine oil is still warm drain the oil. This first drain should remove any material from the cylinder walls or bearing material now that the internal rotating components of your go kart engine now that it has fired & been run

Briggs Racing Engine Stage Two Run in procedure

Refill Your Briggs and Stratton Racing Engine with Redline RL157 4 stroke go kart synthetic oil it will take 600ml to refill the crank case. Check for leaks or any tools or loose hoses on your gokart once the checks are done restart your engine & load the engine for 15 minutes, the best place to do this is on the track. In the 15 minutes of run time vary the engine speed. It is advised to keep your Briggs and Stratton Go Kart racing engine below 5000 RPM. By keeping the engine loaded your new Briggs Racing Engine will bed in piston rings to the cylinder bore. After you have done around 15 minutes of driving time its time for another oil change. let the engine sit for around 5 minutes drain the crank case & refill the engine with another 600ml of Red Line RL157 4 stroke synthetic go kart oil.

Briggs Racing Engine Stage Three Run in procedure

Once your engine is refilled & you have checked every thing is tight & there are no tools resting on the engine your Briggs and Stratton racing engine is ready to be used for what it was intended for. After a warm up & quick check for any leaks your Briggs & Stratton Animal racing engine is now ready to be run at race type RPM The engine will be happy to run up to a race speed of 6500 RPM. Oil drain time is some thing that should receive careful consideration. An engine running at high RPM that has an oil capacity of 600 ML of oil should be changed regularly. To get the best out of your engine wear wise this method has been used here in Australia by People Running OHV Briggs & Stratton MotorSport racing engines that at the time this info was compiled changed there Redline Racing oil after every meeting. A regular race meeting consists of 3 x 8 Lap heats & a 12 Lap final. That is around 36 laps running most of the time at full noise around 5700 RPM. Animal Racing Engines using this formula have over 100 race hours on them & most of them hours are at race speeds using high RPM and the Briggs & Stratton Animals are still running strong.