Briggs Animal Manifold

In some Gokart Engine fit ups clearance can be a bit of a problem. The position of the Carburettor on the Briggs & Stratton, Junior 206, Local 206 & Briggs and Stratton Animal can be very close to the rear tyre. The position of the carburettor has been run like this since the Animal engine was released & it has been raced on Dirt, Bitumen & Clay race tracks. serious racers are out there come rain hail or shine, Briggs & Stratton Motorsport have developed a Cotton reusable air cleaner & water proofair cleaner 557096/555729 cover that does not restrict air flow & keeps water out when fitted correctly. Animal engines are used in endurance racing in Europe & the USA where gokarts can compete for extended periods of time in both wet & dry conditions needed a light weight option to reduce the affects of water contaminating the intake side of the engine.As with all Briggs & Stratton Motorsport Products extensive testing was carried out & reports back to us after a meeting where it rained for a lengthy period during the race & on inspection of the engine no signs of water were found in the cylinder bore, cylinder head, crankcase or residue in the engine oil.The factory designed inlet spacer, air cleaner & air cleaner rain cover perform perfectly. The Aussiespeed AS0206 has only been developed to move the carburettor for fitment of larger tyres.

The Endurance Karting Association that run twin engine go karts in Australia are currently testing the air filter & spray jackets here in Australia as they have also suffered water contamination, If you are considering making & installing your own style air cleaner try to limit the amount of weight & stress placed on the carburettor. Poor air intake design leads to poor engine performance.


Briggs & Stratton Animal fitted with the walbro carburettor & Briggs Motorsport Carb Spacer. This fit up uses a 2 stroke angled chassis mount & AussieSpeed angled engine mount base. The reusable briggs & stratton air cleaner & water repellent air filter cover that can also be fitted with a plastic cover to deflect mud from blocking the air filter


this picture shows the clearance of the tyre & carburettor.


Shot from the rear of the go kart shows with an 8 inch Burris dirt tyre & AussieSpeed Angle engine base plate & 2 stroke style cast aluminum chassis mount there is plenty of room.


The standard Briggs & Stratton Animal Carburetor height and drop of the float may not be suitable when running an Aussiespeed Manifold. The carburetor sits on a different angle. With the standard 22mm height and 26mm drop you may find a rich idle mixture. A good starting point we have found is 23.5 height with 29mm drop.

Not Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines Require The Correct Volume and Type of Oil, They should not be run with standard automotive engine oil or oil designed for commercial and industrial engines that only run at 3600 RPM.