Blast Karting Animal Test


Blast Karting decided on a hot dry dusty Australian summers day about 36 degrees to put the Briggs & Stratton Animal through its paces.We wanted to see what problems might arise when the engines were used in extreme hot dry conditions. Apart from blowing the dirt out of the clutch and an air cleaner change after lunch the Animal was excellent. The kart was driven by both adults and kids. With a wide range of drivers & weights it was out to a bush track that was rough & dusty with 2 Briggs & Stratton Animal powered karts as they come out of the box with the only modification the Aussiespeed AS0206 intake manifold to allow for the fitment of the larger Duro rear tyres. Gearing used was a 17 tooth on the Noram Stringer 09 clutch with a 94 tooth rear sprocket. our oil used on the day was Redline 4 cycle synthetic oil with BP premium pump petrol.


All Clean new & loaded in the trailer, fitted up kart with Briggs & Stratton Animal ready to get dirty


Ready to start having fun, 2 hours from Adelaide on a private track, we took the Briggs & Stratton Animal powered dirt kart, a customers kart and the side valve Briggs & Stratton 5.5 Fun Power dirt cart.

After unloading & walking the track the karts were filled with fuel, oil checked a quick look over to make sure every thing was ready to go the first few laps were done to warm up the engine, the track was dry & dust it was getting rather hot this was going to be a great day for testing how the Animal would perform in these hot Australian conditions.