About Briggs & Stratton

Did you know Briggs makes more racing engines than any other company in the world

The Briggs & Stratton Motorsports Department use dedicated tooling to produce its racing engines, With this dedicated tooling Briggs and Stratton Motorsports can produce extremely high quality components every time for its Thoroughbred range of racing engines & products. When you buy a Briggs and Stratton racing engine you are buying a purpose built, designed & tested racing engine, not a re badged pimped up commercial or industrial engine with a flashy name & different stickers

Briggs & Stratton MotorSport or Briggs and Stratton Racing division started in 1991,

The Briggs & Stratton Raptor & side valve engine was used for close on 20 years, The side valve engine ceased production in 1999 due to emission levels required by government regulations in the USA.

Please Not Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines Require The Correct Volume and Type of Oil, They should not be run with standard automotive engine oil or oil designed for commercial and industrial engines that only run at 3600 RPM.

There were 3 models of the Briggs & Stratton Raptor gokart racing engines

The Raptor engine had many advanced material & design upgrade features compared with the side valve engine used in the commercial & industrial & Briggs & Stratton lawn & garden engines. Some of these parts these parts included in the Briggs & Stratton Raptor go kart engine included a racing conrod with integrated oil dipper, Improved fuel tank bracket mounting, bronze exhaust valve guides, high flow carburetor, a racing style head gasket, high strength head bolts were some of the advance features of the Raptor engine. The Raptor racing engine was a 206cc air cooled 4 stroke side valve engine that was & still used to power racing go karts, junior dragsters, fun karts & many stock, modified & unlimited go kart racing classes.

Briggs & Stratton Raptor 1 was a three horsepower 4 stroke go kart engine, the side valve Briggs & Stratton go kart racing engine. The briggs Raptor 1 had an aluminum block with .010-bore piston, The Briggs raptor was a great gokart motor for beginners & small children due to its slow acceleration and low top speed. Other options for the Briggs & Stratton Raptor were a steel sleeve ball bearing block & an over bore of .030 thou raised the horsepower to 4.


Briggs & Stratton Raptor 2 gokart motor, produced 4 horsepower standard. The Briggs Raptor 2 side valve engine was released in the 80s, Around this time Briggs & Stratton released the aluminum bore dual bearing go kart engine block. the new gokart engine had a aluminum con rod, the lighter con rod reduced the rotating internal mass of the engine & increased engine life.


 Briggs & Stratton Raptor 3 go kart engine was released around 1995, this third version of the Briggs & Stratton Raptor was the last in the Raptor side valve Briggs & Stratton Go Kart Engines, the Raptor III, was a 5 horse power engine. The Raptor 3 was the best selling 4 stroke go kart engine ever made. It has been quoted that the Briggs and Stratton Raptor 3 was the best selling go kart racing engine of all time.