Walbro Carb Tuning

Briggs & Stratton Animal, World Formula, Local 206 & Junior 206 Carburettor Tuning Hints For Walbro PZ22 & PZ26

Briggs and Stratton Junior 206, Local 206. Briggs & Stratton Animal & Briggs & Stratton World Formula all use the same type PZ Walbro slide style carburettor The Walbro PZ-22 & PZ26. The principle on the Animal & WF Briggs Racing engine works the same except the World Formula uses a larger Walbro PZ-26 slide carburettor.

All of the carburettors used on the OHV Briggs racing engines use the same principal to set float level, idle speed & mixture screw to correct the air/fuel ratio.

On a new engine before start up it is best to do some checks. The float level should be checked for height & drop. The easiest way is to use a float height gauge. Blast Karting sell the Faster Motors USA, float gauge that suits the Walbro carbs as used on the Briggs & Stratton racing engines. This tool takes the guess work out of the setting the float & is something that you should have in your gokart tool box. If you are finding that you are getting a black spark plug on your animal or world formula 95% of the time it will be due to incorrect float level. we have customers wanting to order different jets as they think they have a jetting problem. We have found that there can be gains of 200% in power & performance with a Briggs & Stratton Animal with the float level set at the correct height. Do your self a favor & be sure that your float level is set exactly to the correct height & drop positions & you will be amazed at how close all the factory settings are..


PZ22 Briggs & Stratton Animal Carb
Float height can also depend on engine angle.

Jet Needle: BGB/2nd notch
Mixture Screw: 1 1/4 to 1 ½ turn
Float Height: 22.0mm (.860in)

PZ26 World Formula Carb

Float height can also depend on engine angle.

Jet Needle: CDB/3rd notch
Mixture Screw: 1 turn
Float Height: 14mm (.550in)

The fitting pictured is the fuel inlet fitting for the Walbro slide carburettor used on the Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke OHV Go Kart racing engines. The long arm on the other side of the fuel inlet union operates the choke on the Briggs Racing carburettor. Always be sure to check fuel lines & fuel fittings to make sure there are no leaks, cracks or rub marks on the fuel lines.