Chassis Conversion


With the social side of Go karting in Australia growning not every one wants to buy a brand new go kart chassis, Go kart chassis in Australia are mostly built & fitted for 2 stroke Yamaha KT100 engines also know as Yamaha J and Yamaha S engines. the high revving 2 stroke powered go karts are not the best for a family gokart or fun karts as they are designed as a high revving engine with low bottom end torque. With many old retired racing go kart chassis around we will explain some of the steps involved in converting the chassis from out board drive to inboard drive. The 2 stroke engine runs the rear sprocket next to the right hand rear wheel, this is referred to as an outboard drive. Most of the Yamaha engines use a hand held electric starter that fits on a starter nut & requires at least 2 people to get them started. when using a centrifugal clutch on a high powered or high revving engine it is important that you never free rev the engine with the chain connected as there is a chance that the clutch will grab & damage the clutch or crankshaft. When an engine is revved with a centrifugal clutch the springs stretch out & the shoes make contact with the outer drum.This works well when the tyres are on the ground as the tyres offer resistance & as the clutch locks up the power is transferred down the chain to the rear sprocket & axle to the rear tyres. When free revved there is no resistance the clutch flies out & locks & great force is applied to the clutch & crankshaft. the key way can some times break or worse the clutch or crank can suffer irreversible damage.

The Briggs & Stratton Animal is driven of the left hand side of the engine when standing at the back of the kart. pictured is the outboard style sprocket as the kart chassis was purchased, the Subaru KX21 Gokart engine will need the same chassis mods to install.

The rear sprocket needs to be driven of the location where the sprocket is pictured. first job is to get a new key way machined in the rear axle.

When converting your chassis the rear cross brace is in the wrong location. To relocate the cross member the bar needs to be cut & repositioned